Here at F.I.A.T. we do a lot! If you'd like to be active in our group, the absolute best way to make sure you don't miss any of these opportunities is to sign up for our e-mail list

Theological Studies

Gathering together for snacks, prayer, and small group discussion during a Theological or Bible study is at the core of our F.IA.T. group. 

We desire that this be a secure place for women to discover friendship with each other, with Christ, and grow in their identities. Our topics change each semester and are in full line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Our meetings are generally every other Wednesday at the Parish from 9am - 11am and the start and end dates are determined by the Holy Child Catholic school year calendar. 

Each meeting starts with food and social time followed by small group discussion on the study topic and ends with a half an hour of Adoration time. Babysitting is provided at each meeting so that the women with small children have the opportunity to share and connect with their small group and have some silence in Adoration. Nursing/lap sit babies are welcome at our meetings too!

[There are also evening study options available for those unavailable in the mornings, but the times are more variable as the dates are determined by the schedule of those attending. If you are interested in this option, please e-mail for more information.]


As mentioned previously, we try hard to provide childcare during the Bible studies so that women with young children can also have time to connect with other women and build friendships. 

We could not do this without our wonderful volunteers. If you love working with children and feel called to this ministry, please e-mail to be connected with our babysitting coordinator. This ministry is also a great way for young adults to gain experience and service hours. 

To learn more about our childcare Philosophy and to watch a video with interviews from the childcare volunteers and F.I.A.T. participants, click here

Family Potlucks

We try to hold at least 4 family potlucks a year. Families take turns hosting these in their homes. This is a chance for families to come together, relax and socialize!  The kids can play together, and husbands can meet and forge friendships with other Catholic men. We encourage parish staff and the childcare volunteers to attend too so we can get to know each other outside all of the procedural details involved in running the F.I.A.T. ministry! 

A strong stable Catholic community will also provide numerous advantages for our children as they grow and mature in their faith.

 If you'd like to host the next potluck, please e-mail

Ladies Nights

Ladies Nights are opportunities to get out of the house and really get to know one another!  By doing an activity together, or just getting together to relax, relationships can grow and blossom.

Past ladies nights have included a recipe exchange, a "favorite things" show and tell, rosary bracelet craft, St. James tea room, making terrariums, and much more. 

If you have an idea for a ladies night or would like to host one, e-mail 

Special Events

Over the years, the women in F.I.A.T. have worked together to host various special events. Some examples include an Advent brunch, special speakers, a parish kitchen cleaning party, a summer campout and a Mother-daughter tea party. 

Have an idea for the next special event or would like to volunteer to help at the next one? If so, e-mail

Summer book discussions

Summer schedules vary widely between families, but most of us don't want to stop meeting for our studies either! While the Fall and Spring semester studies are quite structured, our Summer studies are much more casual. We pick lighter topics, meeting dates are more flexible, women take turns hosting at their homes, and there is no babysitting so the kids play while the moms discuss the topic briefly. It's beautiful chaos. 

Play Dates

Kids like to have fun too! Are you going to the zoo, getting ice cream, hitting the splash pad and would like to invite some other F.I.A.T. moms who are looking for something to do? We encourage you to do so!

 If you don't already have everyone's contact info and need help reaching out, we can help!  

Just e-mail with all the details and we'll send out the invite to our members list even if it's last minute.  

And More!

Our vision for F.I.A.T. is to be a vibrant Catholic community of women and their families. While we do have a leadership team that helps to keep things running smoothly, all members are encouraged to feel some ownership and to help form our own unique culture. 

This group is always growing and there are so many opportunities for us. Rosary groups? Saint feast day parties? Service projects for the parish as well as the wider community? We can't do it without you! If you'd like to take the lead on a project or have ideas for our group you can e-mail to begin the process!