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Holy Child Parish
F.I.A.T. Child Care Philosophy

Each child is a special gift from God and will be welcomed into the community with great love.

Although we are exempt from NM Child Care Licensing requirements*, we strive to provide equivalent care. 

The flow of the morning will reflect an atmosphere of dignity and respect and will typically include the following.

Each child will be greeted with love into an atmosphere of respect and joy.  Mothers are requested to sign in (and out at the end of session).  A place will be designated for sippy cups, diaper bags, and for coats and sweaters when the days become cooler. 

The first hour will be indoor play time.  We have a newly donated carpet for the children to play on.  Activities will be both individual and group and will include:

After a quick potty break, (weather permitting) we will offer supervised playground time.  In order to avoid interference with the school children, we only have the playground from 10:10 – 10:30 am.  A child care associate (s) will entertain the infants indoors.

The last half hour is snack time and Veggie Tales—the mother’s provide snacks/plates/cups/napkins, and we have some newly donated items including our own dedicated television, TV cart, new videos and chairs for the children.  This flow allows the children to be calm and fed when the parent picks them up.

Toys will be stored in designated containers in our newly donated wood shelves.  At the end of the day children will be helped to return the play items to their specific containers.

The three rules for the room are:  1) Respect for oneself, 2) Respect for the other children, 3) Respect for the materials.

Positive reinforcement will be primarily by re-directing energy and offering encouraging words.  If behavior becomes inappropriate and the above approaches do not work, TIME OUT will occur.  Separation from the group will be 2-3 minutes at the most, with an adult present, if necessary.  If inappropriate behavior continues, by the third TIME OUT, we will ask for the mother to come.

Jesus welcomed and blessed the little ones.  (Mark 10:13+)   Jesus is our mentor!

            Michelle Bruns  HCP Child Care Ministry Lead